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The Newman Review is an e-publication of the National Institute for Newman Studies (NINS) featuring scholarly, original articles on John Henry Newman’s legacy and its relevance for today. Manuscripts demonstrating critical engagement with Newman’s life and thought are encouraged. The Newman Review is internally reviewed by NINS academic staff.

Newman’s Campaign in Ireland: A Review of Paul Shrimpton’s New Edition

The newest volume in the Birmingham Oratory’s Millennial Edition of Newman’s works published My Campaign Part I for the first time.

A Pilgrimage with Newman: Reading Patricia O’Leary’s The Gentleman Saint

Patricia O’Leary’s The Gentleman Saint (Gracewing, 2020) is a short and delightful introduction to John Henry Newman.

John Henry Newman’s Pandemic Ministry: A Balm for the Bereaved

Newman ministered to the sick and dying cholera victims and their families in Oxford, Birmingham, and Bilston.

John Henry Newman’s Second Journey to Rome: 1846-1847

In 1846 Newman traveled to Rome a second time, specifically for his seminary studies in preparation for his ordination as a Catholic priest.

Reading Newman Philosophically: An Integrative Exercise

This article argues that Newman’s notion of a philosophical habit of mind can provide a helpful conceptual framework for navigating conversations about reading, appropriating, and extending his philosophical thought.

“Telling Stories that Matter”: Reading Marvin O’Connell’s Memoirs

The book, Telling Stories that Matter: Memoirs & Essays, is comprised of O’Connell’s late-in-life memoirs of how he became interested in the academic study of history, as well as some of his shorter essays and book reviews.

12 Ways to Supercharge Your Research with NINS Digital Collections

Let’s face it, historical and theological research is complex. The dizzying array of technical tools and resources at our disposal can be overwhelming.

Blessed Ignatius Spencer’s Correspondence with Saint John Henry Newman

Just last month, on February 20th, Pope Francis declared that the nineteenth-century Passionist priest, Fr. Ignatius Spencer, would be known as the Venerable Ignatius Spencer.

Considering Online Education through Newman’s Principles

Newman’s The Idea of a University outlines his theory and ideal of university education and can offer us some important principles to guide our thinking about the possibilities of online education.

Newman’s University Journal and Its Significance

The journal is perhaps one of Newman’s most practical texts on education due to the intimate voice that Newman uses to describe the difficulties and particularities of founding a university.

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